Transport Network Vehicle Service

The introduction of ride-sharing and ride-hailing apps ushered in a new age of transportation in the country, especially in urban cities where universities and financial hubs are located. When cabs and other types of public transportation are unavailable, these platforms have quickly became the go-to option. As a result, the TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Service) was formed, which regulates all existing app-based ride-hailing services.

Passengers can use their smartphones to book a ride through PowerDrive in real time. The application will confirm the booking with the detailed information of the trip and the cost of the service. They'll also be able to identify the vehicle once booking is confirmed including the license plate number and driver's identity. When a driver accepts a trip request, PowerDrive will provide the vehicle's current location and estimated arrival time in real time. The GPS-enabled navigation is also included in the app to aid drivers in finding their destinations. Both drivers and passengers can rate one another at the end of the trip using the "star rating system," It is graded on a scale of one to five, with one star being the lowest and five as the highest. Passengers can also leave comments to provide feedback using the TNVS application.


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